Oryx Software will be focusing primarily on bringing Dimensional Enterprise Data Warehousing to medium size companies. We see this as the best of breed for medium size organizations and will provide such organizations with much flexibility, without the cost associated with large scale traditional corporate Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW).

traditional large scale dataflow
Figure 1. Traditional Large Scale Data Flow for 3-NF EDW and Data Mart.

Oryx achieves this by removing the complexity of a traditional normalized (3-NF) Enterprise Data Warehouse database which feeds a separate Dimensional Data Mart for reporting (refer Figure 1). The reason this is traditionally done is to simplify end user reporting by using Data Marts built on a Star Schema. We believe the traditional approach is redundant. We recommend a Dimensional EDW approach, since the database is already structured in a Star Schema this lends itself to ease of use for end users (refer Figure 2).

dimensional enterprise data model approach
Figure 2. Simpler more effective Dimensional Enterprise Data Model Approach.

By removing the 3NF EDW database (referred to Figure 1) we also remove the complex data mapping between the Host, EDW and Data Marts and any possible synchronization issues which may occur with the Data Mart.

Our extensive experience with Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) systems provide us with the ability to better analyse customers OLTP systems. The Dimensional Enterprise Data Warehouse is generally populated the from multiple OLTP systems and source data (refer Figure 3).

multiple source dimensional edw dataflow
Figure 3. Example of Multiple Source Dimensional EDW Dataflow

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